Diversity Equity Inclusion

Companies who commit and focus on the value of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion will stay ahead of investor expectations and far exceed their peers in profitability. Glocap is committed to guide and support you through your DEI journey. It is our mission to keep you ahead of the curve, on the road to sustainable progress. With a focus on research, proven data and industry expertise, our goal is to provide our clients with a strategy to find, retain and advance diverse talent. Our consulting and placement services are pragmatic and actionable. We meet our clients where they are and provide bespoke DEI strategies that result in tangible, actionable and operational solutions. We also typically partner with our clients not just on a one-off basis, but on an ongoing basis to help drive results.

How We Work


DEI Consulting

The DEI practices’ goal is to assist and support the client as they begin their DEI journey. The services we offer encapsulate multiple levels of action needed to execute the strategy based on the current state of your organization. We first provide a framework designed to deliver the core overall strategy. We understand not all clients will have the infrastructure or ability to implement the complete strategy recommendation, however, the DEI practice will partner with you to help achieve your goals. We will engage with you as much (or little) as you desire, through adjustments and implementation of your strategy.

Strategy Execution

After consulting with you to establish or extend your DEI strategy, Glocap's DEI execution services continues that partnership to help guide and support you in the establishment and operationalization of your DEI goals and objectives. We help you to align leadership to drive change through DEI, implement promotion criteria and we offer a comprehensive suite of reports to track progress over time.

Diverse Slates of Candidates

All of Glocap's recruiting practices have ongoing initiatives to increase the diversity of the source pools for the candidates that we present to our clients. We have retooled all of our placement practices to increase the pipeline and quality of diverse talent through various partnerships, proactive recruiting efforts and leadership in the DEI space within our industries of coverage. We can provide diverse slates of talent across all our main areas of coverage including: Investment Professionals, Accounting/Operations, Legal/Compliance, Fund Marketing/IR, Business Development, Administrative Support, Human Resources and Board roles We also have a specialization within our HR practice focused on the placement of DEI roles within your company including at the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) and DEI Practitioner levels

Our Comprehensive Approach

Glocap believes in a full partnership with our clients in their DEI efforts. We can enter at any point of your initiative - the start, mid-way or helping execute a well-established policy. We have a consulting team that executes DEI consulting services but also an execution function within that consulting team that helps you ensure ongoing progress against your goals. We have also heavily invested across Glocap to materially expand our reach into diverse pools of talent starting with historically black colleges and continuing into industries adjacent to finance where many diverse, skilled professionals reside and are often overlooked for jobs in the investment management industry. We also, of course, comprehensively cover traditional pools of candidates already in finance in a systematic function.