Employer & Talent Strategy

Since our founding in 1997, we have seen industry shifts, new industries formed, have placed more than 20,000 professionals, and have built a massive database of talent within the industry. These experiences and resources give us a strategic advantage to collaborate as an advisor to our high-caliber clients on what talent acquisition and retention strategies work best and how to optimize your firm's human capital.

How We Work



We don’t just rely on the job description–our recruiters have direct professional experience in the industries in which we place talent, which means we have unparalleled insight into the roles on which we work. As advisors, we are able to help you define what you need and work to find the top talent that will fulfill your firm's needs.


We work in partnership with our clients to understand the nuances of the position and the bigger picture of your firm’s overall talent strategy and goals. We are an extension of your team and work closely with you to articulate your goals and find you the best people to achieve them.


We are never satisfied with the status quo, so we're constantly working to refine and customize our search process for each firm's unique needs. Innovation and adaption are the keys to helping companies find the best talent that will accelerate the firm's growth.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Glocap believes in a full partnership with our clients. We have worked with some of the industry’s largest players, starting when they were just getting set up with fewer than 20 people, and have continued to work with them every step of the way as they’ve grown a hundred-fold. We are stage and size agnostic. The common thread of all of our client relationships is that we partner with high-performance, ambitious companies and help them with all of their recruiting needs. We treat every relationship as a partnership opportunity and work as an advisor to our clients in all aspects of human capital management. Our recruiting team has direct experience in the industries in which they place candidates, which provides an insider perspective on the candidates that we present. We have helped some of the country’s leading firms with their talent strategies and we are always available to advise our clients about how to best structure their teams, provide the right incentives, and where a firm’s talent structure has some weak spots.