Temporary Staffing

Glocap Temp offers the same high-touch screening for our temporary workers that is normally reserved for retained search. This means that you get the right candidate on short notice and without much of the trial and error more typical of the contract marketplace. We routinely have as many as 5 of our team members meet one temporary candidate to ensure we haven't missed anything, a step which is rare to find at other temporary search firms.

How We Work



We don’t just rely on the job description–our recruiters have direct professional experience in the industries in which we place talent, which means we have unparalleled insight into the roles on which we work. As advisors, we are able to help you define what you need and work to find the top talent that will fulfill your firm's needs.


We work in partnership with our clients to understand the nuances of the position and the bigger picture of your firm’s overall talent strategy and goals. We are an extension of your team and work closely with you to articulate your goals and find you the best people to achieve them.


We are never satisfied with the status quo, so we're constantly working to refine and customize our search process for each firm's unique needs. Innovation and adaption are the keys to helping companies find the best talent that will accelerate the firm's growth.

Our Comprehensive Approach

We offer coordinated services for both temporary staffing and traditional full time hires. You won't ever have to make two calls to find immediate coverage and launch a full-time search. Your Glocap team will be your partner in this search process and talent management strategy from the first call onward. Our goal is to get to know your firm and culture and through that relationship become a talent partner to help your firm run efficiently, whether with full-time staff or temporary workers.
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